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TechLife101 is a website about how to use personal and home technology to make your life better and safer.

Ever since I was little boy, I loved technology.  I got my first computer when I was less than 10 years old and started to learn  the basic programming language. I would wire up switch boxes I got from RadioShack and saved all the electronic catalogs that hit our mailbox. 

How great life will be once we have little robots roaming around making our lives easier. 

I have watched technology move from an optional part of life to one of its core building blocks. Where would we be without email, cell phones, computers, and now tablets?

With all this technology invading our lives everyday, how are we to live in this new plugged in world?

What is TechLife101?

TechLife101 is a blog site that will publish information, ideas, reviews, and advice on how to live a better life using technology.

Technology shouldn’t be hard or something overly complicated.

When technology is done right, it should fit into your life easily and fit your personality. 

When technology is done right, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Where you live can often change the way you use technology. Some parts of the world adopt technology faster than other places. Silicon Valley will often adapt technology much faster than more remote locations. It doesn’t mean the life style in Silicon Valley is easier or even better than remote locations. 

Technology is not the answer to a better life but should be considered a method for having an easier life when it is used properly.

Many people and organizations often confuse the use of technology with productivity. Technology doesn’t automatically make someone more productive (but often can when used right).  I have often thought about this around Christmas time when I would have battles printing my Christmas card list.  I know I could have spend less time had I just written the addresses on the cards by hand.  If I had done that, I wouldn’t have learned all the new features of the program I was using.

So I continued until I had leaned the process where today I can print my address labels and have them applied to all my Christmas cards in under 30 minutes. 

Technology, although not a help when I first started using it, has become a needed tool to get more work done in less time.  Business has also applied technology in the hope it would make an employee more productive. 

We must always apply logic and common sense before deploying technology to make sure it will do what is needed.  If not, we risk the loss of productivity.

The Purpose of

At TechLife101, we are dedicated to not only reporting on technology and how it affects your life but how we can use it to make your life easier.  After all, given the pace of technology growth and what is expected in the future, we can all use a little more help understanding it. 

Not all technology will fit everyone’s needs so feel free to read what is interesting to you.  Take the time to learn what you want to learn and use technology the way it fits your life. 

The goal here is to make you life easier so you can spend more time with family and friends.  Or maybe, just taking some time to unplug and enjoy life a little more.