The speed of technology today is moving incredibly fast.  New ideas and inventions are making our technical lives incredibly different then they were just a few years ago.  To make things worse, the rate of change is increasing everyday. 

What does the future hold for us?  Opportunity!

Here is One Possible Idea

It is clear that we are moving away from local data stored on personal computers and moving this information to the Cloud.  This means our data is available everywhere, or in other words, we can work from anywhere and anytime. 

Productivity will increase as family and work time will merge.  What is not as well known is the rate in which regular devices are being connected to the Internet.  It’s called the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Everything from light bulbs, cars, watches, clothes, and picture frames will be interconnected.  This means more and more data and lots of smart computers to analyze this data. 

Everything will have a battery and an antenna.  Everything will be connected together like a web passing information to each other. 

To make our lives easier, this information will be collected, analyzed, and put to work.  Will it be more productive?

I predict in 4 years, home robots will be available and provide practicable services.  Look at the Amazon Echo which is a simple tool (like Siri) connected to the cloud with unlimited information to provide its owners. 

Put a set of wheels on it and some sensors and what do you have.  An intelligent robot that you can put to work doing your daily household chores.  The norm in just a few years will be driver-less cars.  It is making the dive to work much more safe and turn it into productive time instead.

Other Trends to Note

TV’s are getting bigger, cameras are getting smaller.  Medical devices are getting better everyday. 

As general knowledge grows, I expect an greatly improved life expectancy for everyone.  We will start using nano probes to solve our basic medical needs. 

With the growth of video on the internet, we will have more video connections to everyone.  Given the reliability and safety of driver-less cars, we will have fewer deaths and injuries from travel. 

Work and school will change too allowing for more telecommute options and flexible hours.  In just a few years, our lives will change so much it will become very hard to accept all this new technology.

But Not Everything is Good

Not everything will be better in 2 years.  With new ways of doing things, there will be new ways for criminals to take what you have. 

Our biggest problem will be security as we move our lives in the cloud.  In the cloud, our information (and bank accounts) are available for anyone to access.  As we invent better ways to protect ourselves, we are creating new holes in our security allowing for bad people to sneak in and cause trouble with our lives.

Technology advancement is a natural evolution but some people worry as to the speed in which it is changing our lives. 

New ideas are everywhere replacing the new ideas of last year that some of us are just starting to understand and deploy. 

Don’t stress about always adopting the latest technology.  Instead, wait for the security around new technology to catch up. 

Protect your information because if your don’t, someone will use the speed of technology to take it from you.  That’s when the real trouble starts.

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