I often give friends and family advice when buying new computers.  The “Laptop or Tablet” debate has been going on for sometime.  The one question that comes up most often is what’s the best type of computer for me?  My answer is always the same, it depends on how you plan to use it.

2015-10_Tablet-or-Laptop_Blog-ImageWhich is Better, Laptop or Tablet?

For basic users who check email, do web browsing, and need maximum portability, then tablets are probably the best tool.

For users who need a little more computing power and don’t mind carrying around a few pounds of electrons, laptops are the better bet.

But we know both technologies are changing everyday.  We need to understand not only what needs can be filled today with the best type of computer but what is the best tool for tomorrow’s needs as well.

Not only is the Internet changing, but the tools are also adopting too.

Laptops are becoming more like tablets and tablets are becoming more like laptops.

As both platforms are incorporating the desired features of the other, there are few core features that are unlikely to change much. Lets look at the future possible evolution of each product.

How is Technology Changing Our Devices?


HP Elitebook 2760p

As laptops evolve, it is just logical that they will develop more tablet features. They will start to incorporate touch screens, longer battery life, and easily deployed apps from a central place. 

For example like the Google market place and iTunes app store.  They will keep a some of their laptop features like more powerful resources (CPU, memory, and hard drive). 

It will also become more portable and adaptable with screen rotation and components that can be attached and detached as needed. 

They will have the best of both worlds when it comes to the use of applications or apps and where and how to store data.

2015-10_Tablet-or-Laptop-Tablet_Blog-ImageTablets will evolve too and develop components to be more laptop like. 

Wireless keyboards are already a common accessory for most tablets and are very useful for capturing notes from school or while in a meeting. 

Their size will always be smaller than the laptop.  They can be carried around so your data can always be available. 

The tablet has a quicker path to information where in most cases a simple one touch on an app will give you the weather, news, or email. 

It will also keep you in touch with friends and family with social apps or video calls through Skype or Facetime. 

Tablets are the better choice for reading, well, anything.  Email, news, books, websites, newspapers too.

The Speed of New Technology Today

Since technology changes so fast and so often, we are lucky in a way because the technology we choose to use today will become outdated in just a few short years. 

We are not making a lifetime decision like choosing a spouse or buying a house.  The device we choose needs to meet our needs for the next 3-4 years. 

I happen to use both tablets and laptops.  I use them for very different reasons but more and more I am seeing the ability to have a choice to either do a task on either one.

If I were to buy something new today, I would choose the laptop with a detachable touch screen.  It would perform both tablet and laptop tasks very well. 

This selection would probably meet most users needs as it will provide the best of both worlds.  I would keep the costs to below $500 which should be doable.  I  just got my daughter a 11″ touch screen windows 8 laptop for $350 so there are deals to be found. 

This, in addition to my smart phone, will keep me connected and allow me to be more productive.  Maybe in the future I will review some of these products.


Using a Laptop or Tablet really comes down to your personal life and how you use technology.  People who consume information on the go will fit well into a tablet.  People who create information may prefer a laptop. 

Those who need both should choose a hybrid version that has laptop features as well as tablet features. 

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